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Bruny Island, Tasmania



At IT Zen we love to simplify the lives of people in business and help them sleep at night.  We do this by continuously improving, automating & integrating everything we possibly can.

IT Zen is a Launceston-based IT service company that provides professional  IT support for local small and medium businesses. We provide a full complement of IT services, specialising in Windows Server & desktop support, networking and custom programming.



Einstein is credited with saying:

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler"

That's our philosophy at IT Zen. We respect your time and want to make your life as simple as possible. We take care of all of the detail, then clearly inform you about the key business decisions you need to make.

We understand

We ask questions until we understand fully, so we can make the right recommendations.

At IT Zen everything we do is guided by the following principles:
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