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Disaster Recovery



Statistics show that over half of small businesses aren't in a position to be viable after a major disaster (such as fire, flood, or theft of servers). We have completed full disaster recovery and business continuity procedures for small business and can do the same for yours. It's usually an eye-opening to see how long it would take to restore server backups, or how much data would be lost if this were neccessary.


If you're not in the need of a full audit and documentation we can also offer some really practical advice that is cost-effective and relatively simple to implement. One of the most obvious, yet commonly overlooked areas is testing backups to ensure they can be successfully restored. Many companies have been watching their backups succeed night after night, only to find in a disaster situation that they can't be restored for various reasons (such as equipment needed to perform the restore being stolen or damaged, or the media the backup was saved to going bad).


IT Zen take this seriously - that's why we perform a test restore every single time we perform server maintenance.

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