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VoIP means using your Internet connection to make and receive phone calls, instead of needing a physical phone line coming into your building. This doesn't mean you use a computer (like with Skype) - you still use a regular looking phone that everyone is used to.


VoIP has some great features like:

  • Voicemail-to-email

  • Call logging (per handset)

  • Simple transfers (including to external numbers, like mobiles)

  • Automatic after-hours diversion or voicemail

  • Ability to change extensions and names yourself

  • Control of hunt groups

  • Follow-me (call your mobile after a certain number of rings)

  • Shared phonebook

  • Fax-to-email

  • Email-to-fax



Other benefits that make VoIP an attractive option are:

  • Lower costs - we typically find overall phone bills drop around 25%

  • No on-site phone system needed, and no more need for individual phone lines and monthly line rental

  • Works across multiple different locations - you can have multiple locations all on the one system, so all handsets appear to be local. You can transfer calls to a different location using an internal number (like 2000). And transfers and calls between offices are free.

  • Manage it yourself - no more paying hundreds of dollars to have a handset moved to a different office, or show a different employee name

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