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We are able to provide some great business-grade networking gear at far better prices than you may traditionally be paying.


VoIP means using your Internet connection to make and receive phone calls, instead of needing a physical phone line coming into your building.

Disaster Recovery

Statistics show that over half of small businesses aren't in a position to be viable after a major disaster (such as fire, flood, or theft of servers). Do you know if you have adequate recovery plans in place? If not, we can help.

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Custom Programming

If no off-the-shelf products quite fulfils your business needs then we can help.


We can create a custom web application with the exact functionality you require. Alternatively, if you are using a product that meets most of your needs but has some missing functionality we are often able to "fill the gap" by writing an extension, addon or helper program that integrates with your line-of-business application.


We also offer SharePoint customisation and development.

Products & Services


IT Zen offers a spectrum of IT related services.

Cloud Services

The 'cloud' simply means a service that is hosted for you. You access it over the Internet, often using a web browser and many cloud products are accessible from a smart phone or tablet.


If you don't have any on-site servers, or if your staff spend a lot of time outside of the office then cloud services can make a lot of sense.

Servers & Virtualisation

Our niche is in Windows server administration for small business. Most of our contracted clients have between 1-4 on-site servers.


As our focus is on small business, we don't look after data centres or server farms. Our specialty is understanding your business goals and making sure your servers are working to achieve them. And, as with all things small business, making sure you are getting the best value from your servers is key.

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