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We can create a custom program that is tailored to the precise needs and processes of your business. Web programs are accessed through an Internet browser so can be used from a PC, Mac, or smart phones and tablets. If desired we can also enable the program to be available to staff while outside of the office.


It's obviously a lot more expensive to have something custom built than to use an off-the-shelf program, so we recommend looking closely at existing systems before having something custom built for you. If there are existing systems that meet 80% or 90% of your requirements you will likely be much better off going with it and having us extend or tweak the program to fit your other needs.


Sometimes there's truly nothing else out there, or you require a program that will talk to multiple different systems and in this case having something developed is the only way forward. If this is the case we will work with you to fully scope out your needs, then will work to implement the program to your specifications. This represents a significant amount of work so expect to pay $5,000 for something custom that is relatively simple, and $20,000 or more for an involved program that must interact with other systems and have customised workflows.



Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based program that makes document control simple, and provides a host of other collaboration features. We can assist with setting up, creating custom libraries, shared calendars (for annual leave tracking, vehicle or meeting room bookings etc), and creating custom workflows to automate processes that are currently done manually.


The most common request we get is to implement document control with versioning, access to document history, change tracking (tracking who made the change, what it was, and when it was made), document approval workflows, and creation of document templates.


One of the unique offerings IT Zen can provide is to automate the process of adding document versioning information to the header (or footer) of existing documents. This process typcially takes tens of hours so is a huge time saver. We can even automate changing of company branding in the event of name or logo changes.


We can customise a simple SharePoint site with your company branding, document versioning and approval, a template and a basic annual leave calendar in as little as five hours. More involved implementations with several workflows and a lot of document work may take more like 20-30 hours. SharePoint can be used to integrate with your other business software to create custom systems. We are able to provide custom integration, but cannot provide a ballpark price here as the price can vary wildly depending on your needs.

Extensions & Addons


Often times you will have existing software that essentially works, but has frustrating limitations. Often we are able to help!


Perhaps the existing software is not ableto run a report showing certain information, despite that information having been entered into the software. Depending on the type of database used we may be able to read that information for you and produce the exact report you are after. 


(This will typically take in the ballpark of 2-15 hours, depending on the complexity of the database and the report that needs to be generated).


Or perhaps there is a process you run frequently that has a lot of steps. We are often able to automate (or semi-automate) this process.


(This type of customisation is often very quick - many times taking only an hour or so. That makes this type of work very cost-effective).

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