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We are able to provide some great business-grade networking gear at far better prices than you may traditionally be paying.






For Internet networking we recomment Draytek devices. These have all the features of corporate-grade gear, are fast and don't require yearly renewals for advanced features (such as blocking of torrent downloads, or content filtering). If you're using these features in another router you'll know this can save you several hundred dollars per year.




We can help you connect to NBN and give you the right advice about which provider and speed is right for you. Connecting to NBN really is easy, and the plans are similar in price to ADSL so moving to NBN really is a no-brainer! If you're unsure if you can get NBN or how to sign up get in contact and we'll be glad to help.




We recommend Ubiquiti Unifi wireless gear. It's rock-solid, has great business features and security, and the pricing isn't much more than a residential-grade access point. Unifi let's you define multiple WiFI networks, so you can have one for staff access that has a strong password and unrestricted network access, and another for guest access that can be used for Internet only and has no access to your business network. The other great thing about Unifi access points is you can have as many or as few as you like. Adding an additional access point to give better coverage is as simple as clicking one button. The new access point will automatically be configured with the same network name(s) and passwords as the other devices.


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