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IT Support


Our 'bread and butter' is providing great IT support to local small businesses. We believe your IT provider should be seen as a trusted advisor that can help you in all areas of your business. That's why we pride ourselves on our integrity and honesty at all times.


We have support options available to suit any size business, and we think you'll find our offerings not only competitive, but fair.

Adhoc Support


If you just need occasional help we have a "do & charge" rate of $110ex per hour.


At IT Zen we're all about being fair. That's why we've done away with the industry norm of a 1-hour minimum and have a 30-minute minimum charge. And for really quick calls we often don't charge at all! Give us a try - I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the difference.


As with all our IT support options, you pay the same hourly rate regardless of the type of work being done - there are no increased rates for server work or software development, or even for work done outside of regular business hours!



For clients that require work most months but don't want to sign up to a service contract prepaid blocks of hours are a good option.


Time is purchased in 10-hour blocks. Clients with prepaid hours enjoy a lower rate of $100ex per hour and there is no minimum charge. If you just need some quick advice (5-10 minutes) we won't charge you!


Prepaid hours never expire.

Service Contracts


Service contracts are perfect for any client requiring regular support or with an on-site server. Our rate is $90-100ex per hour, depending on the number of hours committed to.


Contracted clients enjoy some great benefits like:

  • Regular preventative maintenance of your servers included

  • Regular on-site visits to ensure we are available for those niggly issues that don't warrant a support call

  • A managed anti-virus system is included for all computers at no cost

  • Our standard hosted anti-spam system is included at no additional charge

  • Our proactive monitoring software will be installed on all of your servers at no additional charge, to ensure we are alerted in advance before any problems (like lack of disk space)  cause downtime

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